What Are The Benefits Of Glyconutrients

What Are The Benefits Of Glyconutrients

Before man-made foods and new farming methods were introduced, the human diet was virtually complete. But, with the depletion of soil nutrients that result from these new methods and the absence of nutrients as result of various food processing methods, our foods have become devoid of essential nutrients necessary to our vitality and wellness. Today, the typical American diet only allows 2 glyconutrients – glucose or table sugar and galactose which is abundant in dairy products. The other eight essential glyconutrients are practically inexistent in our diets and can only be sourced through supplements.

There are a lot of benefits associated with these nutrients. Although the jury is still out there on some of the benefits, the majority of these are solid facts.

Enhance cellular communication – Through a process called glycosylation, the cells in the body bind with one another to accelerate the transference of signal from one cell to another. This is called cellular communication which is very essential in keeping the body’s ability to function at its optimal capacity. Many experts agree that improvements in this process can stave off the onset of conditions, make the more responsive to attacks to its immune system, and in general, make it more capable of sustaining its functions.

Improve immune response – Most of the eight essential monosaccharides are known to have properties that can ward off fungi, bacteria, and virus from causing infections in the body. Fucose can particularly inhibit allergic reactions to common allergens like pollen, animal dander, and foods.

Delay the process of ageing – Because these nutrients can prevent the onset of chronic conditions, accelerate wound healing, improve inflamed cells and tissues, enhance recovery from strenuous activities and injuries, and improve the body’s immune response, they can delay the ageing process.

Inhibit tumor growth – Xylose, fucose, galactose, mannose, and N-acetylgalactosamine are five of the eight essential glyconutrients that have been shown to have properties that can prevent the formation of tumors in various areas of the body. Xyloese, according to research findings, can help prevent the formation and exacerbation of cancer in the digestive tract. Although the capacity of these nutrients to inhibit tumor growth is fairly controversial, clinical evidence cannot deny that they, in fact, can possibly help cancer victims in the future.

Improve calcium absorption – Galactose is common in many dairy products. It is also known for its capacity to enhance calcium absorption. Glucose or table sugar is also noted for the same capacity on top of providing a good source of fast energy.

We are paying a high price for our deficiency in other glyconutrients. This is apparent in the prevalence of autoimmune, chronic, and degenerative diseases and disorders that have multiplied tenfold in the recent years. Also, there is a general decline in health among Americans as shown by the large portion of the society that is diagnosed with one or two chronic diseases on top of having high chances of developing other disorders. The problem with these nutrients is that they are not produced by the body and that there is no way for other nutrients to combine to replicate their effects. The only real option for the public is to rely on supplementation which is expected to become a trend in the nearest future. After all, glyconutrients are no diet options, they are needed by the body the way it needs water and food.

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